ProLarge brings together a team of incomparable skill and experience from all maritime horizons: engineers, divers, experts and pilots from naval operations, specialists in logistics, communications and media, merchant sailors, legal experts, mechanics and naval architects.

Each one works selflessly to ensure a quality service and all know the value of an organisation which stimulates imagination and responsiveness. This team of “sea entrepreneurs” strives to answer your demands in terms of availability, reactivity and performance.


A large range of coastal and ocean vessels either owned or chartered :

• Cargo ships, barges and workboats for coastal works,
• Survey vessels
• Service ships for coastal works and offshore project operations,
• Speed boats: RHIB Hurricane 500cv, high-speed launches,
• A mobile onboard laboratory for trials campaigns.

A broad range of aircraft operated by our partner
and associate, SeaTeam Aviation

  • Operations En Mer2
  • Aeronef 1

A Community

ProLarge is a member of the following organisational groups: Cluster Maritime Français, GICAN, Pôle Mer Bretagne, Pôle Méditerranée, and Bretagne Pôle Naval.
ProLarge is the 2010 award-winner of ‘Réseau Entreprendre en Bretagne’.

Hard-edge procedures shaped by the sea

Our customers have chosen us for our capacity to analyse the maritime issues of a project, for our operational experience and for our high performance record.

In 2015, the company and its partners subscribed to the ISO 9001 quality label as a guarantee of continued improvement of their activities and performance and thus of even greater customer satisfaction. The certification procedure is underway.

Two competitive advantages

Our experience gained over several years on sea trials programmes and chartering for industry and NGO’s has shown us the importance of our highly relevant and often innovative solutions. We now have unequalled experience in terms of complex project management in the maritime sector,

The confidence granted to us by highest level decision makers is the result of the committed involvement of our teams, of the care taken in selecting our collaborators and of our high responsiveness and strong team spirit.