Design and development of handling and towing gear after validation of propulsive characteristics.


Frigates, interceptors, Ocean Eagle 43, trawlers, long-liners and LCT – selection, qualification and organisation of trials crews – control of vessels during trials in support of the shipyard trials department


Design and implementation of interfacing – selection and benchmarking of vessels and associated resources – administrative facilitation – installation of mobile onboard laboratory – chartering management – HSE coordination and monitoring – FMECA


Search for and prospection of vessel – design and achievement of interfacing with complete elimination of low frequency vibration – maritime project implementation.


Project design and analysis – ad hoc selection and chartering vessels – installation of a current metre – Process development and HSE monitoring.


Characterisation of zones of major interest – interfacing and implementation of vessel.


A campaign of sea testing of an optronics system (2010-1013) – Interfacing of the device with several types of vessel and aircraft – Implementation of numerous scenarios of operational applications – in-situ testing - benchmarking


Administrative facilitation – development of launch and recovery procedures – buoyage of testing zone – management in marine environment